Saturday, December 8, 2012

How to replace a kitchen sink or bathroom lavatory faucet

The procedure to replace a kitchen sink faucet and a bathroom lavatory faucet is basically the same. Kitchen sink faucets are generally bigger in size and sometimes include a sprayer consisting of a push button handle or trigger and an aerator. The working area for replacement in a kitchen sink which is under the countertop cabinet is wider and thus a little bit easier to maneuver and work with the tools. Some bathroom lavatory faucet models have a pop-up drain assembly which is an additional component to install but is optional.

If you call a plumber to replace your leaking, broken, or defective kitchen sink faucet or bathroom lavatory faucet, you might be charged a considerable amount of money. When your plumber does the job on a Sunday or holiday, extra charges may apply and would add up to your expense and cost of labor. On the other hand, if you have a little experience with plumbing or mechanical repairs, don't worry, as long as you have the right tools, understand basic repairing safety, do some research and read instruction manuals, you can replace your kitchen or washroom faucet by yourself alone.

In the following steps below, I tried to use clear, simple, and easy to understand procedures/instructions for the benefit of do-it-yourself (DIY) and home improvement replacement and repair practitioners and readers. I also included pictures to help visualize, better understand and correctly follow the instructions.

Step by Step Instructions How to Replace a Kitchen Sink or Bathroom Lavatory Faucet:

1. Tools needed to replace a kitchen sink or bathroom lavatory faucet.

2. The hot and cold water shut-off valves are located when you open the small door under the cabinet.

3. Water shut-off valves in the completely closed position (perpendicular).

4. Loosen the nuts on the pipe head using an adjustable wrench by turning it counter-clockwise.

5. Turn the monkey wrench counterclockwise to loosen the faucet attachment nut.

6. Top nuts loosened.

7. Loosen the bottom flexible pipe nuts by turning the adjustable wrench counter-clockwise.

8. Bottom nuts unscrewed.

9. The old lavatory faucet taken out and the flexible water pipes to be pulled out.

10. Put a strainer.

11. Clean surrounding areas of the top holes of the cabinet. Clean the flexible water pipes.

12. Old caulks and sealants, must be removed leaving a clean and flat surface for the new faucet.

13. Install mounting bolts.

14. Tighten mounting bolts.

15. Put new faucet flat and straight.

16. Put c-washers.

17. Check the position of new faucet.

17a. A close up photo showing the top end of the flexible water pipe.

17b. Close up picture showing the two threaded copper tubing at the bottom of the faucet assembly.

18. Insert the flexible water pipe in the copper tubing and tighten the top lock nut.

19. Flexible water pipe top nuts should be tight to prevent leaking. Be careful not bend or twist the copper tubing.

20. Insert the bottom ends of the flexible water pipe to the bottom copper tubes and tighten the nuts.

21. The bottom lock nuts should be tight to avoid leaking.

22. Photo showing the top and bottom connections.

23. Open the hot and cold water valves.

24. Turn the faucet handle to the left to test the cold water flow.

25. Turn the faucet handle to the right to test the hot water flow.

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