Sunday, December 9, 2012

How to repair bathtub or sink paint scratches, coating tears, black spots & refinish with resurfacing paint or touch up

A few years ago, a friend of mine spent more than $2000 dollars just for the replacement of her bathtub in the second floor bathroom. It started with a small 1/4 inch black spot which has been caused when an adjustable wrench fell down the bathtub while fixing the shower head. As a result, the bathtub paint was scratched and a paint coating the size of a small finger nail was torn down and thus producing the said quarter inch black spot. She did not repair it right away but left it as it is for several months until her daughter dropped a hard porcelain vase right on the same black spot on the bathtub. Unfortunately, this time the black spot turned into small black hole which caused leaking on the ground floor ceiling thereby producing those yellow water marks on the ground floor ceiling. This time she called a plumber to replace the bathtub costing her a lot of money because of the additional ceiling repair that has to be done.

If the small paint scratch has been fixed and refinished immediately with a resurfacing tub paint, this whole bathroom and ceiling expense could have been avoided. The good news is, fixing a tub scratch is as easy as painting your finger nails with a nail polish and another good news is that if the procedure of repainting your scratched tub is done properly, it could last for a few more years.

Below is the simple step by step procedure of re-painting a scratched tub:

1. Clean the scratched area.

2. Lightly sand the area, clean and make sure it is dry.

3. Before applying the touch up paint, shake it well.

4. Using the brush-in-cap, gently apply paint on the scratched area and leave it for at least half an hour.

5. Now that the first coating paint has hardened a bit, apply a second coating paint using the brush-in-cap gently but this time carefully refinishing the area to make it look good and professionally painted.

6. Don't let anybody use the tub, put warning sign if necessary and let it dry for at least overnight.

When buying bathtub touch-up paint or tub resurfacing paint, make sure it is exactly the SAME COLOR as your tub. Touch up paint in home hardware stores usually have a sample circular paint finish right in front of the product label.

1. Shake well the tub coating formula.
2. First coat.
3. Second coat.
4. Clean and white finish. After drying for 24 hours for best results.


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