Saturday, December 15, 2012

How to replace broken or damaged toilet seat and mount the new one

Broken or damaged toilet seats happen generally because of too much pressure, too much weight on the top of the toilet seat. Another possible reason is repeated "dropping" of the toilet seat as a result of not holding the seat while putting it down.

Below is a simple step by step procedure on how to replace your damaged or broken toilet seat and how to mount the new one.

Step by Step Procedure of replacing broken/damaged toilet seat:

1. Close the toilet cover. Open or remove the cover caps. In some models, there is no covering caps and you see the screw head right away.

2. Hold the bottom nut using a wrench or pliers then loosen the top screw using a Phillips (star) or flat screw driver depending on the screw head. If it is hard to loosen the nuts, you can spray some oil on the nuts, leave it for few minutes to penetrate and break the rust or dirt.

3. After removing the two screws, clean the dirt and stains from the old screw on top of the bowl.

4. Place the new toilet seat and position the two screws or bolts making sure the correct position of the washer. The washer should be placed with the flat side facing towards the bottom of the toilet bowl. Incorrect position of the washer may result in poor tightening or even breakage.

5. Tighten the bolts or screws using an appropriate screw driver while holding the bottom nut with your hand or with a wrench or with a plier as necessary.

Important: DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE NUTS. It may cause breaking of the toilet bowl including the hole for the bolt/screw. If the toilet seat shakes after several days or weeks, just re-tighten the nuts.

Broken seat.

Tools needed.

Open caps.

Loosen two screws.
Clean dirt.
Clean before installing new seat.
Place new toilet seat.

Tighten two nuts with screw driver.
Tighten other screws inside.
Congrats! You have successfully installed your new toilet seat.

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