Friday, January 3, 2014

How to Add Value to Laundry Card

1. Insert Laundry card in the machine

2. Look at the options:
   a.  F1 = $10
   b.  F2 = $25
   c.  F3 = Other

3. Select Other
    a. The maximum value in the Laundry card after the addition is $99
    b. Example: If your current balance in the Laundry card is $7, you can add up to $92

4. Enter the amount you want to add, but not exceeding the limit of $99 total (after the added amount)

5. Select Debit

6. Swipe your Bank card

7. Choose CHK

8. Enter you PIN

9. Press OK

10. Select YES to get Printed Receipt

11. The display will say DIALING...CONNECTED, DO NOT REMOVE CARD

12. When you see APPROVED, remove your Laundry card

13. Get the receipt

14. Check the receipt for correct amounts and keep it for your records in case of discrepancies.

This procedure is based on a Phelps Laundry Machine

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